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How to protect a beach from an inconsiderate smoker?

Posted on 31. Aug, 2010 by admin.


The European Commission has launched an initiative, which aims to raise awareness amongst young people about tobacco issues, the “Helpers” is an animated series of 12 episodes.
The initiative video comprises of a series depicts 3 super-heroes who try to save smokers and non-smokers from the negative effects of tobacco, by giving them absurd tips and advice.
Chuck, Skinny and Loona, accompanied by Tapas all colourful characters, a masochistic freak of nature that won’t leave them alone, unify their strengths for better and for worst to help the fight with to raise awareness of how to stop smoking and why.
Watch How to protect a beach from an inconsiderate smoker with these 4 characters? – Sun, beach..happiness? Perhaps. But when your neighbour is smoking like a chimney and suffocating everyone around, it can ruin your day out. There’s no time to waste – the Helpers to the rescue!
Watch how a smoker can make the beach unpleasant and how the characters explore how to In real life, to not suffer from second hand smoke.  There is real advice on
Check out how the helpers are battling against smoking to help promote a life without tobacco- so what are waiting for, help is at hand

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