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Yoga for Your Heart

Posted on 30. Jun, 2010 by admin.


If you want to treat your heart right, consider exercise – especially yoga. Since heart disease is currently the leading cause of death for both men and women, it is even more important to take care of your cardiovascular system. One way of doing that, besides eating healthy fats and healthy foods, is to exercise. Yoga, in particular, has been found to be very beneficial for the cardiovascular system.

Reduce blood pressure

One reason yoga is good for your heart is that it promotes relaxation and reduces blood pressure. Studies have shown that you can reduce your overall risk of heart disease by practicing yoga three times a week. Yoga also slows pulse rate and increases the elasticity of our arteries. Yoga has been found to also to increase circulation and promote healthy circulation in the body. Practicing yoga on an ongoing basis helps to strengthen your heart muscles.

Heart healthy yoga poses

Yoga in general will help protect your heart, but there are particular yoga poses that are even better for your heart and cardiovascular system. Upper back-bending poses, for example, opens the chest and improves heart function and respiration. Yoga poses that lengthen the spine help to promote proper posture which reduces the compression of the heart and lungs, allowing the heart to function properly.

Yoga is also a great choice for those wanting to tone their muscles and stay fit overall. Since yoga is so great for your heart most people of varying fitness levels are able topratice yoga. Before starting a workout routine, however, you should consult with your doctor. This is especially true if you are on an medications or have a serious heart condition. If you are interested in practicing yoga at home or taking a yoga class, there are plenty of yoga programs designed for different fitness levels and even age levels. There are yoga programs targeted to young children, seniors and even pregnant women. Yoga reduces stress, which can have a profound effect on the heart disease. Whichever workout program you choose, be sure to drink plenty of water and eat a balanced diet to support your workout routine.

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